CKMPA Organization


Our History


The collaborative efforts of parents, community members, and District staff developed the idea of having a public school Montessori program.  In September of 1991, a primary class (grades 1-3) opened. 

The Central Kitsap Montessori Program has since grown to a total of six classrooms including three primary classes (grades 1-3) and two intermediate classes (grades 4-5), and a kindergarten class.  We serve approximately 120 students.

Our students come mostly from the Central Kitsap School District and are admitted to the program through a formal application process, which begins with Parent Information Night in late Winter of each year.

Our Montessori program is one of the few public school Montessori programs in the state of Washington, and one of around 250 across the nation.

Montessori Parents Association

The Montessori Parents Association consists of the parents of children in the Central Kitsap Montessori program.  The MPA is represented by an elected board that meets monthly and holds meetings twice per year for our Montessori families.

Montessori Advisory Council

The Montessori Advisory Council consists of the principal, Montessori teachers, and the MPA board.  The MAC advocates for the integration of the Montessori philosophy and curriculum with district and state standards.  It communicates financial needs of the program, including Montessori instructional materials and staff development, to the Montessori Parents Association.  They meet monthly or as needed and the meetings are open to the public.