One of the purposes of the Montessori program is to make learning a positive experience and foster independence for lifelong learning.  Parent involvement with the Montessori classroom is a key program element.  Parents are adult role models and are important in assisting to develop the prepared environment.  In working together, more time can be devoted to meeting individual children’s needs.

Submit Volunteer hours

Please login using your Track It Forward user id and password.  Select your name from the list of parent volunteers and fill out the details related to your volunteer activities.  Please include purchased volunteer hours by selecting one of the "Paid" options listed within the Activity dropdown.  


Families with one child enrolled in our program will volunteer at least four hours per month; families with two or more children in our program will volunteer at least six hours per month.


Purchase Volunteer Hours

If you are unable to fulfill your monthly volunteer time commitment, you may purchase volunteer hours for $10/hour by clicking the button below.